Repair Service Procedure

We do a full range of console repairs for all game consoles old and new, we have been offering a console repair service since April 2009 and have built up a fantastic reputation. 

All our console repairs include a 3 month (90 Days) warranty. 

If you wish to send your console into us for a repair quote please follow the easy steps below:

Step 1. Place your repair service order online.

Step 2. Send your console to us via PostNet or Courier of your choice.Package up your game console with a note of all your contact details and also what has happened to the console.

Step 3. Email us your tracking number with your repair order number.

Step 4. Once your console has been received we will assess it and we will contact you with a final repair quote.

Step 5. If you wish to go ahead you can make the payment and we will repair your console.Note that repair on any unit will only commence once payment has been received.

Step 6. Once repaired we will send unit back to you. 

You can simply contact us by emailing us at / WhatsApp 0836423973

or  phone us on 083 642 3973 if you want to ask any questions regarding your console repair.

**Turn around time usually 3 - 5 days from payment confirmation.**